Wednesday, 9 March 2016

On Ground 0 | GSoC in Jodhpur

^^^^^^^^^   On Ground Zero   ^^^^^^^^ 

Google Summer of Code

We are having three live projects to launch Google Summer of Code in our city. Two projects are running from GDG[X] Labs where we are making contributions via the Summer of Code (SoC). The third project is for our domain i.e. GDG Jodhpur mobile App.

Project Frisbee (Powered by GDG[x]) 

All GDG content in one place. Project Frisbee is the result of GDG[x]'s coordinated efforts to build an applications that makes it easier to discover Google Developer Group content while being on the go. The GDG App features the Google+ news feed, Upcoming Events and general information on every active chapter listed in the Google Developer Group Directory

  • Features:
    • GDG Pulse
    • Google Developer Experts Directory
    • Chapter News and Events
    • Upcoming Event Dashclock extension and Widget
    • Featured Special Event Series Section
    • Arrow (Find you fellow organizers worldwide and earn points.)

Frisbee is a community driven initiative & we will appreciate the contribution from everyone who aims to develop & improve the App by being a tester or VIP user. You will need to join the G+ Frisbee community

Check our Github for more information about all development activities around the community.

We are currently working as an umbrella organization for Tux4kids.

Hope we will get through it !

Come Join Us 

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