Google Developers Group Jodhpur is an Open Community Group, and hence all our activites, meetups and events would be open for all and absolutely free to join in. We are even eagerly looking forward for an active participation from our region for any form of our activites and membership, and hence, who so ever wishes to be a part of us in a complete & integrated manner, simply follow the below steps, and there you go!

  •  Login to G+ with your google account and add GDG Jodhpur to your G+ Circles : 
  • Visit this URL, logging in with your google account, and click "I'm a Member" button : 
  • Once you are done with the above two steps, then visit and fill out one simple MEMBERSHIP FORM :

When everything is done, we'll get back to you shortly confirming you as our integrated member :-)

Advantages of being member:

  • E-mail notifications for upcoming events. 
  • Chance to get yourself involved and actively participate at all levels in our events and meetups. 
  • Chance to win Google Merchandice in our events.
  • Get to know your community more closely, learn to be a good human :-)