Who can attend the event?

Anyone who is enthusiastic about Google and its related technologies are recommended for the event. People who are interested in building web, mobile, and enterprise applications in the cloud with Google and open web technologies can attend our events we host.

What kind of events we host?

As this is a developer community, we host event for the developer to learn Google technologies and any open source technologies. We host tech talks, workshop, expert lectures, hackathon, app challenge, etc.

Does the “Developer” in “GDG” mean that non-coders are excluded from joining GDGs? Why do you hate designers?

Of course not. We don’t hate designers. These groups are about the ecosystem around building web and mobile applications. Designers are certainly an important part of that. The definition of “developer” here can be very broad. What we want to distinguish is between this and the “end user” of these products.

Is this Google’s Marketing group?

No. We are just a group of technology enthusiasts who want to share our passion and expertise with you. If you think you are going to share something, Welcome, you are into GDG-Jodhpur.