Kushagra Bhatia - (X - Lead)

A very open-minded "Developer-turned-Entrepreneur" who had been leading one of the finest local IT Firm in the region. being an developer and entrepreneur, from over 7 years, he knows how difficult it is to encourage the use of technology. Being fast friends, he was the first person whom Pradyut approached to start this Community Chapter, and he appriciated the whole idea and got into the league in just one shot.
He, as Developer-Entreprenuer, holds the ideology to support and encourage "Quality Code", and thus the Journey started.

Aaditya Maheshwari - Community Leader 

An entrepreneur and a Die-Hard open-source lover and advocate. Not just he codes well, but he believes in encouraging masses to contribute in a better manner on open-source platform and communities, but even mentor a lot young enthusiasts.
Had been mentoring GSoC aspirants from Tux4Kids, giving in his key contributions and inputs to many GDGs accross India, organizing a few workshops in Jodhpur for students on various open-source platform in his free time, believes Google as his first love, and now wish to serve the community endlessly with his key contributions.
Connect to him @ Facebook | Twitter | Google+

Divya Nagar - Co-Organizer 
A III Year Student of System Sciences at IIT Jodhpur, is passionate web designer and developer, and currently polishing her skills in Python and Dijango.
She was the first women speaker at GDG Jodhpur, and headed a session on HTML, post that had been working tirelessly for the community, and will be leading the first sub-chapter dedicated to the women tech-makers of bluecity.

Nausheen Khilji - Current Lead
Big Data & Open Source Technology Enthusiast. Basically she is known for being a passionate researcher & has successfully published at least three international white papers in the area of Hadoop Security & Image Processing.

Connect to herFacebook Twitter | Google+| Linkedin